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3 Tips for Incorporating Wicker Furniture in Your Interior Decor

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When wicker furniture is mentioned, the first things that come to the minds of most people are the rustic chairs that are used on patios and for other outdoor purposes. However, wicker furniture is not just meant for outdoor use. These timeless pieces have continued to trend for decades, and designers are using them to add personality and warmth to the interior space as well. However, you require some expertise to incorporate these pieces of furniture into your interior space and still create a seamless flow. Read More»

2 Vibrant Ideas For Your Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

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Concrete has been a mainstay of the construction industry for many years. It’s incredibly strong, highly durable and very versatile. In recent years, it’s also become a popular material for use in creating contemporary and edgy design features in homes. The qualities that make it such a desired feature in construction translate equally well when concrete is used for floors, garden features and solid furniture items. Concrete tables are an increasingly popular choice in outdoor dining areas. Read More»