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Ways to Personalise Glass in a Custom Kitchen

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If you're planning a custom kitchen, why not choose unique materials and textures? Glass is one option that allows you to adapt and personalise the surface. To discover ways glass can help you further customise your space, read on. 

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks evoke a sleek look in a kitchen, creating a smooth, even surface. The connected panels can be back painted in an endless array of hues that you select from colour swatches. Additionally, you can print a digital picture on the back sourced from image websites. You could print a photograph of brickwork, timber, or marble, imbuing the splashback area with texture. Or else, use an abstract painting or illustration, or digitalise your own drawing or photo. Another idea is to cover the glass with a chalkboard picture, over which you could use wipeable markers to write grocery lists or leave messages for others in the household. 

You can choose clear or frosted glass, which will give the splashback a muted look, especially when paired with a cool colour on the back such as green or blue. The subdued quality of frosty glass also pairs well with bright hues such as fire-engine red, as the cloudy glazing softens the vivid colour for a classic look that's not too glary.

Cabinet Doors

Glass can integrate into a kitchen design in other ways. For example, you could custom design glass cabinet doors. For a minimal look, use one glass panel over the door area or install a classic style with several panes separated by mullions.

You could use frosted or patterned glass for the cabinet fronts. Patterned glass has a three-dimensional surface that's moulded into the glass during manufacture. The pattern could form an abstract design or create pictures. Glass doors on the upper cupboards generate a bright and airy feel in the kitchen. They add dimension and depth by allowing you to see inside the cabinets, which visually pushes the wall back.

Kitchen Doors and Windows

Consider installing frosted or patterned glass on a kitchen door that leads to the garden. The decorative glass will offer privacy and beautify the room while increasing light flow. Of course, you can also include additional transparent glass into custom kitchens in the form of windows to allow more daylight to enter. You could install a glass splashback window. The elongated shape will create an unusual and striking look. If the window faces a wall or fence, consider planting a vertical garden outside to bring lush greenery and colourful flowers into the kitchen.

To learn more, contact contractors who build custom kitchens.