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Why It Matters Where Your Bed Is Made

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The bed is one of the most essential pieces of furniture you can own, since most people spend between 6-9 hours sleeping on it every 24-hour cycle. This is not something that you want to try to save money on; rather, you should be trying to find a quality piece of furniture that will last for years and provide a comfortable sleeping platform. With that in mind, perhaps the most important factor in determining whether a bed is made well is the country of origin, and here are three reasons why an Australian-made bed frame is something you should look into.

More Accountability

While many other countries have similar construction standards to Australia, there are also lots of countries that do not have anywhere close to the same regulation on construction. That is why lots of pieces of furniture are exceptionally cheap: the companies selling these beds, chairs and lounges are saving a fortune by using lower-quality materials. If the price of your furniture seems to good to be true, it probably is. When you buy an Australian-made bed frame, you know that if anything goes wrong, you can take it back to the manufacturer, and, if that doesn't work, you can talk to consumer affairs or any number of commercial watchdogs.

Less Chance Of Being Damaged In Transit

Apart from providing peace of mind due to an increased level of accountability, Australian-made bed frames also do not have near the same risk of being damaged during transit. That is because when you buy a bed frame that is made overseas, no matter where it is made, there is a very good chance it was transported by sea. That is the cheapest way to ship large quantities of heavy material, and also a very easy way for furniture to get badly damaged. These journeys are long and can have a big impact on the structural stability of your furniture. Don't risk buying something that will get damaged in transit; get something that is made locally and feel secure.

Higher Quality

It is not easy to start up a business as a carpenter or a cabinet maker in Australia, as you have to compete with mass-manufacturing companies based overseas. The one thing you have going for you is the quality of your furniture, which is why virtually all Australian-made bed frames have far better craftsmanship than others. They are also generally handmade, which means flaws are more easily spotted and fixed before they reach you (unlike mass-produced variants). If you want to sleep soundly knowing the bed frame you chose is as strong and durable as possible, you need to buy Australian.