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What to Consider When Ordering a Custom-Made Workspace Desk

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Are you searching for a desk but can't find an off-the-shelf version that's appropriate? You're not alone. While many off-the-shelf products look fantastic, it's hard to find one that suits your activities. Instead, you may want to try a custom-made workspace desk. Here's what to consider when planning yours.

Monitor Numbers 

Are you working with one computer? Or do you have more? Depending on the nature of your occupation, a single laptop may not be enough to get you through the day. Having more than one monitor or device can often help you work deftly. If you have more than one computer or you're planning to expand to additional devices, consider this when ordering a custom desk. Alongside considering the number of monitors, focus on space for your keyboard, mouse and any other associated devices. You need to make sure you can move your mouse around comfortably. Doing this is essential for productivity and for preventing repetitive strain injuries.

Leg Movement

Finding yourself sitting at a desk where you can't move your legs or position them comfortably is frustrating. It's also distracting, as each time you need to adjust according to the desk's limitations you're taking your focus away from your work. Make sure your desk is tall and wide enough to accommodate your needs. It doesn't harm to have a little more space than is needed, as you can always purchase an adjustable chair that lets you sit at the right height. During this process, think about whether you also need to provide space for someone else to sit alongside you from time to time.

Standing While Working

Desks that you can adjust so you can stand are much more than a fad. Working while standing can help to reduce back pain. It's also excellent for preventing weight gain and improving your energy levels. Having the option of moving between standing and sitting gives you the flexibility to adjust your comfort levels as the day goes on. When you start to feel stiff or experience a dull ache in your back, you can work while standing for a while. You can ask your custom desk maker to ensure that only one section of your desk raises to standing level if you require a lot of space for some tasks, as standing desks are often narrower than normal ones.

Overall, consider what you need from a custom desk that a standard one can't provide. With a little reflection, you'll have enough information to give to the person making it.

Contact a furniture store to learn more about custom-made workspace desks.