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2 Vibrant Ideas For Your Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

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Concrete has been a mainstay of the construction industry for many years. It's incredibly strong, highly durable and very versatile. In recent years, it's also become a popular material for use in creating contemporary and edgy design features in homes. The qualities that make it such a desired feature in construction translate equally well when concrete is used for floors, garden features and solid furniture items.

Concrete tables are an increasingly popular choice in outdoor dining areas. They can be cast in any shape and size that you desire, and they also allow you complete creative freedom in the look and finish of your table. Here are two vibrant and beautiful ideas that you should consider for your new concrete outdoor table.

1. Exposed aggregate

Aggregate is one of the materials used in concrete mix to help bind the finished product together. Generally, aggregate is made from cheap and readily available materials such as bluestone or crushed concrete. You can add some visual interest and colour to your concrete table by using coloured stones, pieces of crushed glass or sea shells instead.

Once your table has completely set, it can be lightly sanded to remove the top layer of concrete. This also exposes and polishes the aggregate, giving the concrete an attractive, bright and colourful pattern across the surface.

2. Coloured resin

An epoxy-based resin is often used on concrete flooring in residential and commercial buildings. It acts as both a tough and waterproof sealant to protect the concrete and as a way to give the concrete surface a glossy and luxurious finish. It's a great option for outdoor dining tables because it makes the table stain resistant and more aesthetically pleasing.

A clear epoxy resin is the most common choice for floors, but for a table, you can take it to the next level by adding a colourant to the resin mix before it's applied. This can be a subtle tint or a more intense colour for a bold and unique look. Coloured resin works well on its own and also looks incredible when coupled with exposed aggregate.

If you like the sound of one or both of these ideas for your new concrete outdoor dining table, then discuss them with your concrete contractor. They can help you to choose the right products to ensure that your dining table becomes an eye-catching and stunning feature in your outdoor living space.