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What Makes A Good Recliner Chair

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Recliner chairs have long been the epitome of affordable luxury in the home with its simple function able to transform the ordinary chair into something a bit more comfortable. As such they are one of the most popular designs of chairs across all of furniture, and each year newer and newer versions come out with new features. If you are looking to hop into the recliner chair market, it can be very confusing because of all these options vying for your attention. Here are three helpful tips you should be looking at when buying a recliner chair.

Electric Recliner

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want an electric recliner or not. Electric recliners come with more features than your average recliner chair including:

Massage options: if you have a bad back or value massages, then a massage electric recliner could be a lifesaver.

Lift feature: electric recliners are commonly used for older people to help them easier get in and out of the chair. Some electric recliners can get much higher off the ground to help with the transition from sitting to standing and vice versa.

Heated: if you absolutely hate the cold and love feeling snug in a warm chair, then a heated electric recliner is right up your alley.

Construction Quality

Apart from special features the next most important thing to look for in a recliner chair is the construction quality and origin. As a general rule a recliner chair built in Australia will have a higher standard of quality than those assembled offshore, and you also get an easier connection to the creator if anything goes wrong. While there is nothing wrong with an overseas-made recliner chair, you need to look at the material to see if it stacks up with its Australian counterparts. For example cheap timber, fake leather, fraying edges, uneven upholstery and more are not uncommon issues with overseas recliner chairs. That is why it is so important you see your item in person before buying one.

Established Brand

The best way to feel comfortable when buying a recliner chair no matter the cost is the brand name behind the chair. When it comes to recliner chairs, if you are not getting them custom made, then you can have confidence in them by trusting the brand associated with them. Some brands have a more legendary story and a history of good quality service. An established brand will also have better customer service in case something goes wrong with your chair while the less scrupulous recliner-chair dealer will cut all ties to the chair after they sell it. You want a company that will back its product, so make sure to go with a brand that is trusted.