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Café Chairs | 3 Tricks To Plan Your Café Layout To Attract More Customers

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Running a café requires a lot of thought and planning because you'll naturally want to make it as attractive as possible to get more footfalls. Depending on the shape and space of your commercial premises, you will need to make a few decisions regarding your café chairs and café furniture. These tricks are designed to help you plan your café layout to attract more customers.   

Improve Your Seating Plan

A well-designed seating plan has the potential to increase the number of customers you are able to serve at once without making the space feel cramped. Once of the biggest mistakes you can make for your café is to set up greater numbers of large tables and café chairs. While this isn't a firm rule, many people visiting cafes are either alone or with a partner for leisure or for business. With this in mind, you will ideally want your seating plan to accommodate different group numbers. This will prevent smaller parties from taking up valuable floor space on large tables. The best way to enhance your seating plan is to analyse your past customer visits to determine the type of group sizes your café attracts. If you notice that your business attracts smaller parties, then you should alter your seating arrangement accordingly. 

Make Sure Your Furniture Quality Is Good

While it may be tempting to cut corners with your café furniture, keep in mind that this aspect is vital for attracting new customers. Customers want to sit on sturdy and comfortable café chairs while sipping on their coffees. If your chairs and tables are rickety and unsteady, then you risk the chance of people falling and hurting themselves in your café, which will ultimately be bad for your business. You can either choose custom café chairs and tables or you can buy flat pack pieces. If you decide to go the flat pack way, be sure to fit the screws accurately to ensure that your furniture is strong. Check each piece regularly to ensure that it doesn't weaken over prolonged use.

Plan Your Serving Area Smartly

You will need to properly plan your serving area, especially if your café has a seating and queuing system, where people place their orders at the counter before getting served. There should be enough room for people to queue up without getting in the way of your café chairs and tables. To reduce wait times in queues and on tables, you must speed up your service to ensure that patrons don't wait longer than necessary. Improving service and planning your serving area intelligently will help you serve more people without losing out to competition.

Follow these tricks to plan your café chairs, tables and furniture layout if you're looking to attract more customers to your coffee shop.